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What’s Up Pace?!

Hey, my name is Stephen Druan and I’m a Junior at Pace University, Pleasantville campus.  I’m a Marketing major, with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion, and am also a psychology minor.
On campus, I’m involved in a few different clubs and organizations, ranging from Lubin Business Association to Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity.  In addition, I’m in the Pforzheimer Honors College, a part of the Business Honors Program, and most recently, I became a Social Media Student Assistant on campus!

My undergraduate career is already halfway through, but I’m enjoying it more than ever.  I’m taking my first online class about Positive Psychology and Happiness, as well as a challenging Honors history course on the history of the East Asian World.  Besides that, I have two marketing classes, in which one of them consists of analyzing how the new dance craze, Gangnam style, could be used to market a product or idea.  Junior year is incredible because all of the classes are so engaging and they allow the students to get first-hand experience on what their career path entails.  For example, I’ve conducted a focus group this semester for my Marketing Research class and I’m currently learning how to construct the most accurate survey for my research project.

Yet, how do I handle 18 credits and a social life?  Well, as I spent more time at college, I learned how to become much more organized.  I bought a planner and stuck to it, and would write down daily goals, like study this subject for X amount of hours, or write a paragraph or two for a paper due in two weeks.  By doing this, I cut down on a lot of late-night cramming and helped to take the pressure off around midterm and finals time.  Yet, the best piece of advice that I received was”work smarter, not harder.”  Don’t get me wrong, I work to my fullest ability, but I realized that “working smarter” was much more time efficient.  Let me offer a grand example.  When I had a test on eleven chapters, I reviewed what the teacher talked about in class and read those sections in the book.  As a freshman, I would’ve tried to read all eleven chapters, but now I realize that it would be unnecessary because my professor didn’t feel the need to cover every single topic covered in those three hundred pages.  A lot has been learned from my freshman year to this point, and I look forward to writing about more of my experiences at Pace University!

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  1. Hey Stephen,

    I really like your comment on “working smarter, not harder”. Considering your example though, a lot of people are scared to go through with this tho I feel, because they think that just because their professor didnt cover all the topics, it doesnt automatically mean that it wont be on the exam.

    Also I still find it hard to have the discipline to stick to what I write down in my schedule, do you have any advice?

  2. Keep up the good work Stephen. I know that during that year there are quite lots of things to do which you really have to spend more time. Since it’s a preparation for new path which is in labor industry then it would be gladder that you were exposed in various fields that are related to your course in order for you to gain a relevant experience and become ready.

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