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What’s Up Pace?!

Hey, my name is Stephen Druan and I’m a Junior at Pace University, Pleasantville campus.  I’m a Marketing major, with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion, and am also a psychology minor.
On campus, I’m involved in a few different clubs and organizations, ranging from Lubin Business Association to Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity.  In addition, I’m in the Pforzheimer Honors College, a part of the Business Honors Program, and most recently, I became a Social Media Student Assistant on campus!

My undergraduate career is already halfway through, but I’m enjoying it more than ever.  I’m taking my first online class about Positive Psychology and Happiness, as well as a challenging Honors history course on the history of the East Asian World.  Besides that, I have two marketing classes, in which one of them consists of analyzing how the new dance craze, Gangnam style, could be used to market a product or idea.  Junior year is incredible because all of the classes are so engaging and they allow the students to get first-hand experience on what their career path entails.  For example, I’ve conducted a focus group this semester for my Marketing Research class and I’m currently learning how to construct the most accurate survey for my research project.

Yet, how do I handle 18 credits and a social life?  Well, as I spent more time at college, I learned how to become much more organized.  I bought a planner and stuck to it, and would write down daily goals, like study this subject for X amount of hours, or write a paragraph or two for a paper due in two weeks.  By doing this, I cut down on a lot of late-night cramming and helped to take the pressure off around midterm and finals time.  Yet, the best piece of advice that I received was”work smarter, not harder.”  Don’t get me wrong, I work to my fullest ability, but I realized that “working smarter” was much more time efficient.  Let me offer a grand example.  When I had a test on eleven chapters, I reviewed what the teacher talked about in class and read those sections in the book.  As a freshman, I would’ve tried to read all eleven chapters, but now I realize that it would be unnecessary because my professor didn’t feel the need to cover every single topic covered in those three hundred pages.  A lot has been learned from my freshman year to this point, and I look forward to writing about more of my experiences at Pace University!

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Herndon and I am currently a Sophomore at the Pleasantville campus of Pace University. I am from the Bronx, which is not too far of a distance from Pace. At Pace, I study Criminal Justice and enjoy every minute of it. In the near future, I plan on working for the FBI or becoming a Detective for the city. I graduated from Preston High School, where I was very involved and was always found around school after hours. Coming from a small school of around 600 students, I knew Pace would be the perfect choice for me. Entering Pace, I knew in order to enjoy my next 4 years, I needed to do the same and not be afraid to put myself out there. Sure enough, that is what I did. Now, I am a dedicated member of several organizations on campus such as Student Association’s Programming Committee, ASPIRE, Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), Black Student Union (BSU), and the 808 Step Team. These organizations allow me to meet new people that share the same interests that I have.  I enjoy attending the many events that the different organizations offer because it gives me the opportunity to learn from others and have fun all in one. I am glad I chose to attend Pace University because it is a great atmosphere of diversity and has many opportunities in stored for me in the future. Pace continues to excite my enthusiasm each day- I cannot wait to see what is in stored for me this year! In my blog, I plan on discussing the field of criminal justice (nothing boring, but fun), certain hobbies I enjoy on campus, random facts about my day, as well as certain events that occur on campus! See ya :-)

Love is in the air at Pace University in New York City . With Valentines Day quickly approaching Pace is full of exciting events to promote the love and to spread joy to everyone – whether you are in a relationship or not. We have Mario Winans hosting an event this week and there is a Bake Sale going on so, join the fun and treat yourself to something sweet. I started my Spring semester classes and have started applying to study abroad in Australia. I figured since I am from California and I love the sunshine it would be an easy, breezy transition. I would love to spend some time studying and then heading straight to the beach right after, sounds amazing right?

Also, I am super excited to start applying for summer internships I am crossing my fingers for an internship either at TOMS headquarters or Facebook’s new headquarters. My older sister is graduating in May from the University of San Francisco so, I am ready to go home and celebrate her huge accomplishment. I am taking some really fun classes that are focused on developing my technical skills (ie. Intro to Computing, Design for the Internet, Communication in Popular Culture) so, my hands are full with 15 units. I am having a great time at Pace during my second semester and I hope that it continues to move along at this steady, easygoing Pace.


Lately I have been super busy with filming, editing, and moving apartments so, I haven’t been as active in blogging ,but now that things have settled and midterms have passed I am back and ready to update you all. I am very pleased with my midterm results and I can honestly say all those hours spent studying at Starbucks have paid off. It is freeing to know that you can somewhat go with the flow for the rest of the semester instead of having to cram everything you have learned at the last minute.

The leaf colors are changing, the iceskating rinks are up & running, Starbucks has brought back the Christmas cups & decor, and we can finally feel the holiday spirit in the air. I am not flying back home to California this Thanksgiving since my sisters are coming up to stay with me for a couple of days, so I am excited to wander the city with them. Also, I will not be cooking Thanksgiving dinner because my awesome big sister is cooking everything herself – while I kick back and relax of course. I am ready for the festivities to begin and to bust out my scarves and winter coats for the cold that is quickly approaching us are you? Let’s be merry, count our blessings, and live happily.


Hello Pace!

Hello Pace!

My name is Francesco Blandino, and I’m a freshman here at Pace University. I’m from the Bronx, my major is psychology, and I play guitar. I work at the school bookstore and also as a photographer/assistant manager to social networking in the University Relations/Marketing Communications department. I’ve never blogged before, but I guess I can get used to this.

Let me start by saying that Pace was definitely the best decision I could have made for school. The people are friendly, the faculty is great, and the whole campus in general is exactly what I was looking for in the college experience.

One thing that I love about here is that there is something for everyone and there are so many different organizations to become involved with. I play intramural soccer and basketball, but intramurals are only the least of what Pace has to offer. There are cultural clubs, Greek organizations, trips to various places, and a whole bunch of different enjoyable events.

Being this far in the semester already, midterms are over and the time has sure gone by fast. My first semester in college is already almost over. It was definitely a lot of fun. I made new friends, and learning to live independently was a cool experience. That is one of the main reasons why I wanted to live at school; to gain independence and learn how to take care of myself and manage time, money, school work, work, and extra-curricular activities without completely losing my mind.

Now that I’ll be blogging, the things that I’m going to touch upon are different events on campus, my experience with classes, and definitely any type of promotions going on the social networks for Pace such as Facebook, Twitter, and Four Square. Hope everyone stays tuned!

On that note, I think that so far college life is going great for me, and I’m definitely looking forward to my four year adventure here at Pace.

I’m Anthony, a junior marketing major with a concentration in e-business and interactive media here at Pace NYC. I wrote a few blogs last spring, but now that seems to have been a lifetime ago. Coming back as a junior is significantly different then coming back as a sophomore, and worlds apart from coming in as a freshman. I am constantly making the joke that at 20, I am now an old man.  While this may not be entirely true, it definitely feels that way at times. It almost seems as if there was a gap, and all of the sudden I am an upperclassman, and now the majority of the campus is younger than me.

My past blogs had been about juggling and how I always seemed to take on new activities and challenges despite the fear that I didn’t have enough time.  I look back at them and laugh. Now it seems to take on another project is easy, and I am constantly looking for more areas to get involved in.  Currently I work as a tour guide on campus, intern at a cable network, write for this blog, am a member of the Collegiate Italian American Organization (C.I.A.O.), a brother of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity-Delta Zeta Chapter along with a few other activities, just to give a general idea of what I am up to.

But with work comes play. I will be taking a week off from school to go to Asia. I have never been there and I am beyond excited, and next semester I am planning to study abroad.  There is definitely a lot on my plate this semester, but I don’t think I could do it any other way. Work hard, play hard.


Midterms have officially started and I am so relieved to know that I have been on top of all my classes since Day 1. It just makes midterms so much less stressful and they come and go much quicker. Its almost Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, and I am prepared with a costume, scary movies, and I am trying to convince my friends to come out with me to Coney Island’s Fright Fest sometime this week. What are your plans for Halloween? Time is flying by and unlike last year I am far from homesick, whenever I talk to my family they ask me if I am still moping around or plotting my escape back home, but I have been the happiest I have been in ages. I am super busy filming and editing for two of my classes, but I have found a true passion for capturing moment through experimenting with video production and documentary workshops. I have discovered that all of my professors are professional in their field and all have relevant material to expose you to. Also, I am loving how Starbucks is conveniently located right next to my class building, I practically live there and make it my little office. Anyhow, I am planning to sleep in today so, until next time.

- Cathya

Hey Guys & Dolls,

I just got back from the Pace Homecoming Concert featuring Wynter Gordon, Cypha the Prince, my husband Big Sean, and hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes. I ended up going alone last minute since a couple of my friends couldn’t make it ,but anyhow I had the best time ever. I came back to Brooklyn super thirsty from so much dancing and even my ankles where sweating. YES! My ankles – I didn’t think it was possible. I got a sweet, sweaty, and much needed hug from Big Sean (gasps). I rocked out to Wynter Gordon’s Dirty Talk and watched her band work their magic. Busta Rhymes tore the house up with classics and new songs and I got to witness him rap his “Look At Me Now” bars live. It was overall a great experience, good times Pace.

On another note, I have been uber busy working on my upcoming mini documentary in my Doc Workshop Class. I will post it as soon as it is finished and all set to sail away on its internet journey. I have a fabulous concept and I am sure you guys will love it. Halloween is around the corner and I finally settled with a costume, you will have to wait and see. I have so many surprises for you all! Pace has been really welcoming to me and I am meeting many talented and driven individuals which is what I truly wanted from my college experience. Oh, and I almost forgot my sister is coming up to visit me Thanksgiving and I can’t wait.

Also, I just wanted to mention that I am looking for people who are interested in living off campus to possibly lease an apt. for either short-term or long term. Feel free to drop me an email if interested at Cathyabelen@yahoo.com .

Here is the link to my Youtube channel where you can find some videos I recorded from the Homecoming Concert.



As a recent graduate of Pace University this past May, I was sad to leave as were many others of my graduating class. However, I was excited to move forward in obtaining my Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at Pace Graduate School. Technically, I wasn’t completely leaving Pace altogether. The program I am in holds the courses in the Graduate Center in White Plains; it’s definitely a different environment than undergrad but still the same old good Pace. I have some peers with me joining in the program so to see a few familiar faces was a relief. I find myself already getting involved and working at an on campus job. My professors are great, the curriculum is intriguing and the assignments are helping me learn all that public administration entails. It’s something that I am really happy about. Yes, it’s another 2 years of education but it’s with a school I admire and I won’t be wasting my time. So class of 2012-2015 of Pace, graduating with a Bachelor degree is awesome, but maybe a Masters degree could be in your plans as well.


The Pace Life

Everything you’ve seen on television about college is false, for the most part. College is more than just partying and hanging out, it’s about networking, preparing for the real world and finding a social life in between the eighteen credit semesters and crazed work schedule. My name is Amanda Carter and I am a Senior Criminal Justice Major here at Pace University and my perception of the college experience was definitely based on what I had seen on television. Although some people make their college experience a complete replica of “Animal House”, I have found my experience at Pace University to be unforgettable in a whole different way.

Throughout my four years here, I have had the opportunity to get involved with various organizations and gain unique leadership positions as I have been an Orientation Leader, Co-founder of Pace Drama Alliance, member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., member of the Honors College, Pace Athletics Dance Team, Peer Leader, member of various Honor Societies, among many other activities and positions. I am the currently the Executive Vice President of Judicial and Compliance of Student Association in which I hold as my most responsible and exciting position on campus to date. Being involved at Pace has definitely made a significant difference in my experience and perspective on how the college life should be for everyone. These past few years have given me knowledge and skills in areas where I may not have had before without getting involved.

I wish that I could write everything that I have learned since my freshman year but the truth is is that it really wouldn’t matter. Everyone has their own experiences and lessons learned throughout college and your college experience is what you make it. My advice to you is to just put yourself out there, be extraordinary and do things you never imagined yourself doing. In High School, I thought getting involved was for nerds and not the thing for me. Today, I would rather call myself the biggest nerd on earth than someone who didn’t try new things. College is about getting to know yourself and the best way to do that is to surprise yourself with confidence as you step through a new door.



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